Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Do I have to say anything, really?

Monday, April 28, 2008


Last weekend's camp was......interesting. As a helper, I ended up running around. And around. And around. I think I have the route between Canteen 1 and Canteen 2 memorized by now.

Lemme see...... Whiskey group was the most enthu. Maybe they were on......I dunno......whiskey? XD

What else...... Sierra's guys had no balls, and, um, Zulu and Juliet merged to form Zuliet. Jay is gay(but I'm sure you already knew that), Ash is as reckless as Ash(Satoshi), Madame President got stressed out, as did some other com members, which led to people getting pissed off. Campers......were at some times high and at other times sianz. I mean, coming in at the end of a night walk thru school sian? Not some, but almost all??? Anyway, at debrief we figured out the problems, so that's not too bad. Well, except that Camp Commandant Ken needed more manpower but decided to assign me......nothing? I spent the whole night walk time in our bunk doing nothing, and he complains of lack of manpower. Not my fault. I wanted in on the night walk, but...... *shrugz*

On a different topic, tomorrow after school, my dad agreed to bring me to Sim Lim to get GTA IV!

Monday, April 14, 2008



Today was CCA Fiesta, and I went to help out after I finished my IS lessons, which I had scheduled for 8-12 hahaha! Wore a tactical vest and walked around holding an SMG which vibrates when the trigger is pulled, making some noise, and each gun had a laser pointer! LOL!

Azri was inspired today! When people ask "Is the gun real?" or "Is it loaded?" my genius friend replies: "Ya, loaded. With laser."

DUDE! Loaded with BATTERIES!!!

Yeah, but othet than that, a regular day. Sorta.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Release date: 29/04/2008

Yeah, in case you didn't notice, GTA IV is coming out on 29/04/2008. It will be released simultaneously for the Xbox360 and the PS3, with a computer version expected a few months later. Yes, I WILL BE GETTING A COPY. What YOU'RE gonna do about it is, well, up to you. =D

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Internet

Take things seriously! All this piracy is bad!

Remember, the Internet is serious business!

For proof, visit www.internetisseriousbusiness.com to see how serious things are!